Our Chapter History

The Murrieta-Temecula Chapter was formed in September 2016,  by our  Founders Dina Gomez and Jenni Holland.  They both had two daughters they wanted to share the NCL experience with. After finding out a local chapter was full, both ladies reached out to NCL Inc., separately to start a new chapter. Once united together by NCL Inc., they met and decided to join together to start a new chapter. They formed our Founding Board which came together over the summer of 2016, and they worked effortless to get the chapter formed. On September 26, 2016 they held the first informational meeting, getting enough applicants to form the Murrieta-Temecula Chapter. Starting with over a 100 members in the first year, consisting of Patronesses (Mothers) and Ticktockers (Daughters) in grades 7-12 our chapter stood out making an impact in our local community. Our Chapter became officially chartered in the Spring of 2018 with over 135 members.


Founder Dina Gomez: Daughters Micaela (2020) and Sienna (2022)

Positions Held:

2016-18 Founding President

2018-19 Immediate Past President

2019-20 Grade Level Advisor Class of 2020



Founder Jenni Holland: Daughters Hannah (2019) and Haley (2022)

Positions Held:

2016-18 Founding Vice President Membership

2018-19 President Elect/Grade Level Advisor Class of 2019/Liaisons District Food Drive & Military Baby Shower/Scrip Coordinator

2019-20 President

2020-21 Immediate Past President/Vice President Ticktockers







 Founding Board   2016 

(left-right) Anupama Koures, Dina Gomez, Vivian Welsh, Michele Johnson, Erin Levine, Martine Berrietter, Jenni Holland, Tarra Beaty, Kayla McHugh


President-Dina Gomez

Vice President Membership-Jenni Holland

Vice President Ticktockers-Michele Johnson

Vice President Philanthropy-Anupama Koures

Vice President Patroness Activities- Kayla McHugh

Vice President Communications-Erin Levine

        Recording Secretary-Vivian Welsh

Treasurer-Martine Berrietter

Parliamentarian-Tarra Beaty